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About us

The idea for „Purzelradio“ was born during the Corona crisis, when children were particularly affected by the lockdown measures. Jesus loves children and wants to be with them, especially in difficult times. It’s our desire that children get to know Jesus. That’s why we’ve launched „Purzelradio“, an online radio station that can be listened to on internet-enabled radios, computers and smartphone apps. At the touch of a button, children can listen to encouraging songs, stories and reports to hear the good news of Jesus in a child-friendly way. „Purzelradio“ is named after Purzel, a fun, fictional hamster who keeps appearing on the radio.

Purzelradio is the first Christian radio ministry for children in the German-speaking world.


Who we are

„Purzelradio“ is a project of the Christian association „Team Courage“ in the area of Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria. We are Christians from different churches who want to help people in difficult situations and share the Gospel with them. Our main focus is on children and their families, for whom we provide a meeting place in our „hALLEluja Family Centre“. We also run a Christian media and bookstore at our site. Our house used to be a hotel and motorway rest stop, which we are now renovating to use as a ministry to others. We currently provide afternoon care for children. We also sell food from local farms. This supports local farmers and the proceeds are used to help people in need. People who buy from us not only get good quality, they also help the environment through short delivery routes and support people in need. We also hire out our facilities for seminars and events.

What we believe

As Christians from different churches and congregations, we confess our faith in the God of the Bible, his plan of salvation through his Son Jesus Christ, and the work of the Holy Spirit. We see ourselves as part of the whole body of Christ and value the networking of Christians from different churches and organisations. For example, we maintain contacts with the Evangelical Alliance and the Free Churches in Austria.


Radio Team

Björn has completed 3 years of Bible School and has several years of experience working in the Christian media as a trained radio announcer.


Anna is currently studying music therapy and she works part-time at our „hALLEluja Family Centre“ helping with social media and assisting the day nanny.


Contact us

hALLEluja Familien Zentrum
Neunkirchner Allee 141
A-2700 Weikersdorf im Steinfelde

If you’re spending some time in Austria come and visit us. We’d love to welcome you in our house.